February 1, 2023

GRAL market profile. It works on all instruments and on all TFs.

If you subscribe to my telegram channel, instagram or facebook, then you noticed that I publish every day trading plans for trading in the oil market, cue balland other markets by market profile and market auction theory. They work out quite often, and sometimes they ask me how to trade these trading plans. Today’s video is just about that.

This 17-minute video contains such a large number of all kinds of chips and grails that they are certainly enough to head to start earning.

→ Who is interested in studying the technique in more detailanalyzing and forecasting markets by market profile, I have a training webinar on this topic: https://www.cofutrading.com/master-class/kak-ispoljzovatj-profilj-objema-vebinar
→ I chew on entry points on training: https://www.cofutrading.com/obuchenie-treidingu

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