June 14, 2021

Google will lift the ban on advertising cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets in the US

Inviting celebrities to promote digital assets, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and services DeFi protocols will remain inaccessible to advertisers.

Google will withdraw from August 3, 2021 inUSA ban on advertising of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. Such services will again be able to promote their services through a search engine, according to her message. Since June 2018, advertising of digital assets and related content has been banned from Google services.

The new rules set requirements foradvertisers and oblige them to pass certification. The company must have a banking license in one of the US states or be registered as a financial services business with the US Financial Crimes Agency (FinCEN). The form for obtaining the corresponding certificate will be available on July 8.

Google's latest decision does not overturn celebrity advertising of digital assets, initial coin offerings (ICOs) and DeFi protocol services.