December 10, 2023

Google Trends Records Increased Interest in Bitcoin Halving

Google Trends Records Increased Interest in Bitcoin Halving

Google Trends shows what really worries investors.

Google Trends has become a strong indicator of howinvestor interest in the upcoming online halvingbitcoin. This interest comes in waves, but the result is that people are now twice as interested in the upcoming event in the Bitcoin blockchain than they were in December 2019.

There is an explanation for this: The main thing that investors in Bitcoin (BTC) want to know now is whether the market has already reflected the halving, or whether it will find its true reflection after this event, which will happen approximately in mid-May of this year.

In addition, as noted by ArcaneResearch, this trend in Google searches represents "a clear signal that word [of the halving] is spreading to those who have not previously heard about it."

Commentators also note that in May 2020we can expect just a tremendous surge of interest in bitcoin halving, if you see an analogy in what is happening before halving and how the interest in the bitcoin hlaving phrase grew in 2016, during the previous halving.

Many digital asset holders (at least 80%)are convinced that demand for them will grow - these are the results, for example, of a study carried out by one of the oldest stock exchanges in Switzerland, the SIX. Reducing the volume of Bitcoin emission in this case can put the cryptocurrency on a trajectory of strong growth.

Previous bitcoin halvings have shown that theybecame key factors in maintaining the overall positive cryptocurrency price trend that has existed for many years. So, when the first halving happened, in November 2012, after 17 months, the price of bitcoin increased 130 times, increasing from $ 2 to $ 271.

Four years later, halving, in June 2016, was able to lead to a rise in price of Bitcoin 120 times, from 174 to 20,084 dollars for a period of 35.5 months.


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