June 16, 2024

Google set a price tag for the sale of personal data

Google set a price tag for the sale of personal data

Supplying law enforcement agencies with personal data of users – location, search historyand emails – is now officially one of the services provided by Google.

In January, the giant set tariffs for its services: $ 45 for data for the subpoena, $ 60 for wiretapping and $ 245 for information for a search warrant.

According to Google, the introduction of a fee for the service will help reduce the number of requests from law enforcement.

In the first half of last year alone, the company received 75,000 requests for data from 165,000 accounts. Moreover, every third request came from security forces from the United States. 

It is worth noting that from January to June lastyears, Microsoft received 24,175 data requests, rejecting approximately 26% of them. In the same period, Facebook received 128,000 of these requests, and the company satisfied approximately 73%.

Private firms will continue to provide thisinformation to both US and other governments as required by law. Microsoft previously tried to argue that the law, which allows governments to access personal data, violates the Fourth Amendment. Microsoft's lawsuit was dismissed by the Justice Department in 2017. The Department countered that Microsoft cannot argue on behalf of its clients under the Fourth Amendment – only clients can.