June 14, 2021

Google has become a partner of the Theta blocking streaming platform

Theta blockchain streaming platform has announced a partnership with Google. The company will provide access to the cloud infrastructure and will become a corporate network validator. This is written by CoinDesk.

The Google node will be hosted in Ireland, 5 million THETA tokens ($ 1.77 million at the current exchange rate) have been allocated for its support. Thus, the company will become the fifth corporate network validator and the first in Europe.

Previously, Theta validators were Binance cryptocurrency exchange and two venture funds - Gumi Crypto and Blockchain Ventures. In the future, it is planned to increase their number to 31.

Theta will also receive premium access to the Google Cloud service. This was told by the developer of the unit Allen Day.

“Theta's uniqueness lies in the fact that theirthe video platform needs both a reliable and high-performance network - which we will provide as part of our premium package - and reliable node operators to ensure the security of the protocol ”- he said.

He added that with the help of Google’s solutions, anyone can launch their node:

“Users can launch Theta Guardian node directly from the GCP [Google Cloud Platform] store. In just a few clicks, they can deploy the Guardian node and connect to the Theta network. ”

Against the background of news about partnership with Google, the cost of the THETA token soared by 35%, but now the quotes have almost returned to their previous values.

Google has become a partner of the Theta blocking streaming platform

Tradingview THETA / USD chart

Recall that in mid-May, attackers created a fake Google founder Sergey Brin’s YouTube account and promised 5000 BTC distribution on his behalf.