December 2, 2022

Google announced checkmate to Bitcoin, now officially!

Google for the second time in a month announced the achievement of quantum superiority. Now officially.

Google officially announced the achievement of quantum superiority. The company first announced this in September, but now a Google research article has been published in the scientific journal Nature.

A Google article explains how to 53-qubitit took the Sycamore quantum computer just 200 seconds to complete the calculation, which would require the fastest supercomputer in the world for 10 thousand years.

Theoretically, this opens up many perspectives.for future technologies, the development of better batteries and drugs, or minimizing emissions from agricultural chemicals and improving machine learning. However, at this stage, Sycamore is almost useless in practice - it was developed to demonstrate what a quantum computer is capable of.

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Google CEO Sundar Pichai compared the experiment to the Wright brothers' first flight.

The first plane flew in only 12 seconds, and this is not applicable in practice. But it showed the possibility that the plane could fly.

Sundar PichaiGoogle CEO

In late September, The Financial Times drewattention to the Google report posted on the NASA website - it reported that the development of the company was able in three minutes and 20 seconds to make calculations that would take about 10 thousand years to the most modern IBM Summit supercomputer. Then the report was quickly deleted, and Google refused to comment on it.