May 13, 2021

Goldman Sachs Holds Bitcoin Conference

Goldman Sachs Holds Bitcoin Conference

On May 27, Goldman Sachs will hold a conference called “An Overview of Economics and Current Policies.” regarding inflation, gold and bitcoin.

May 23, Mike Dundas, founder of The Block,posted a screenshot of the call invitation. He said the event is being hosted by Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, Goldman Group Investment Strategy Director, Harvard Economics Professor Jason Furman and Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatsius.

Journalists suggest that the bank can doannouncement of the beginning of work with cryptocurrency institutions, which will mean a radical change in policy. In August 2018, Mossavar-Rahmani announced that Bitcoin could not cope with the role of a medium of exchange, a unit of storage and measurement.

Recall that last year the company openeda vacancy of a project manager who will be responsible for the development of “integrated roadmaps for distributed ledger technology” and participate in “determining the scope and direction of the team’s activities”.

Goldman Sachs will not be the first bank in the United States to provide services to crypto companies. Recently, Coinbase and Gemini exchanges have already become customers of another large US bank, JPMorgan.

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