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“God is in hockey, a goof in life.” Business, ICO and “true friends” of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7

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Chapter 11. Direct speech. Dmitry Shamov.

Dmitry Shamov (VK, FB). Translator. He maintains his own Youtube channel about Japan.

... ...

Acquaintance with MARK.SPACE began on November 11, 2017. Denis Polulyakhov was looking for a person who can help him with the transfer in Japan. At that time, I only knew about cryptocurrency that bitcoin exists. Found me through acquaintances: Joji Natsui from Markspeysa (VK, FB) through one common acquaintance offered to work as a translator.

I studied the project in advance - they sent me a booklet abouthim. At that time, they had ideas, but there was no 100% vision. Harada Kentaro came up to the stand - he has his own community, where he talks about cryptocurrency, what is bitcoin, how to use it. Something like a cryptocurrency teacher, not just a buying adviser.

I talked only about the project (VR-world, creationavatars, shops, offices, etc.), in the cryptocurrency itself, I did not understand anything. Even when they asked me about the token symbol, I said: “Well, the token and token.” Later, I found out about the stock ticker. Harada Kentaro became interested in the project, wanted to know more about it. Since Denis and Oleg Ershov were supposed to fly away in the coming days, they agreed to meet the next day. Only Denis was left to meet, Oleg returned to Russia. We sat in a cafe, discussed the conditions - for this I received an hourly fee in Japanese yen as a translator.

Denis asked me to keep in touch withKentaro because the MARK.SPACE staff did not speak Japanese, and Harada did not speak English. Later, during a Skype call with an office in Moscow, Anton joined the conversation. There was no picture of him on the site, I did not know what position he occupied, but from the conversation I realized that he was one of the managers. Oleg and Denis consulted him all the time, and it was clear that the last decision was his. Eventually MARK.SPACE invited me to work with Harada and attract other investors as an intermediary, for which wages will be paid. Anton offered me $ 1,300 - for providing support with translation, communication with Kentaro and answers to investors' questions.

After a month of work, at the time of the token pre-sale, when investors have already started investing in the project, Nobody transferred the promised salary to me. I was told that now there is no money, the companybig and they are so easy not to transfer to Japan. After which they suggested that one of the investors pay me yen. I refused. In the end, I just did the standard work as an employee, was a liaison and translator - I explained the essence of the project in Japanese.

When investments began to come from Kentaro and other investors, they made me an offer: since Japan has great interest in the MARK.SPACE project, then let's develop the Japanese direction. I was asked to find new investors and influencers - after which it was planned to open a full-fledged office in Tokyo, which would be the representative office of MARK.SPACE in Japan.

Now it looks naive, but at that moment IFor a long time he lived in Japan and lost touch with Russian realities. In general, I see good in people, good people surround me in Japan, and trust is accepted in Japanese business culture. The Japanese value their reputation very much. The first one who always suffers is the director of the company. Therefore, among the homeless, there are a lot of former owners of companies that take the brunt of themselves.

I thought that MARK.SPACE had problems with translation due to legal subtleties. We agreed that until the Japanese office earns money on its own, we will be supported by the Russian office. It was planned to raise funds at the expense offuture partners who want to become part of the virtual world of MARK.SPACE by ordering the development of a full-fledged virtual office, store, university or other institution that we could create. Work with partners would be carried out at rates negotiated with the Moscow office, where each part of the development had its own cost. It’s the same as the development of a website by a web-studio.

Investors transferred funds to accounts and walletshead office, I did not contact them. The Japanese office had a different role: we organized various seminars to talk about the world of MARK.SPACE. The Japanese generally love all sorts of new developments and gadgets, so they sincerely believed in the project, as I did with Kentaro.

In January 2018, we opened an office in Tokyo. Anton did not sign any contract, so we agreed on parolethat the head office will provide Japanesebranch, and we will seek potential partners for the development of MARK.SPACE. Anton said that MARK.SPACE was registered in Singapore (it was already done at the beginning of my work), since there are certain laws on cryptocurrency in this country. The Estonian company was generally opened relatively recently.

Eventually, funds for providing the Japanese office were not transferred to us. They attributed delays in transfers to the fact thatMARK.SPACE is engaged in cryptocurrency, which is why banks do not open the necessary accounts from which the transfer will be made. But we had to pay for office rent, taxes, for seminars, exhibitions and get paid. For the full work of the Japanese direction, I had to give up all my affairs. I had high hopes for MARK.SPACE, because I liked the idea of ​​the project and I believed that the Russian company would be able to succeed and it had ambitions for the implementation of what was planned.

So how to pull with rent and other paymentsit was already impossible, Anton finally sent bitcoins to support the Japanese office, after which we officially transferred them to the company's account. But these funds were not enough for a short time, since we had to cover the accumulated rent, tax and other payments arrears from them. In the end, we had obligations to investors. After all, we told them about the project and were for them the link with the head office of MARK.SPACE. We tried our best to save the Japanese office. And only after I had almost “torn Anton to pieces”, he finally sent 15 bitcoins, which at that time was approximately equal to 60 thousand dollars. These funds were officially deposited into the company’s account, from which the accumulated debts were covered.

We have requested many times various documents of the company, which describe the technology, development and overall structure of MARK.SPACE, but they were not provided to us. We had to prepare all the documentsWe could not hire specialized employees on our own. We had an outsourced accountant who executed all the papers of the Japanese office so that everything was transparent and correct from the point of view of Japanese law.

They didn’t explain to me what the raised funds go to the company. - they only said that they spent a lot on marketing. It used to happen that Anton sharply told me: “Think who you are talking to and how you are talking.”

Denis Polulyakhov, as far as I know, attractedfunds and communicated with exchanges, some of which we did not reach, although this was promised by Denis. Employees of other projects that participated in events with Denis said that he stayed in luxury hotels, flew first class. We didn’t leave Japan, and we didn’t even have enough money to go to other prefectures, in which the head offices of Japanese companies are located. Not all of them are concentrated in Tokyo.

At the end of the ICO, we completely switched towork with Japanese partners. In April, the capital of Japan hosts the annual Contents Tokyo exhibition. The Japanese office organized a stand at it in 2018 and 2019. This is not an exhibition of crypto projects, but an event for classic IT companies, at which we managed to communicate with various large Japanese companies, including SONY and many others. We agreed with Mitsukoshi Isetan on a partnership that deals with shopping centers in Asia - they have their own brand “Number 21”, which manufactures women's shoes. We agreed with them to create a virtual store in the world of MARK.SPACE, where their products will be exhibited. Employees of the brand brought shoes to our Japanese office, and we, in turn, scanned it using a 3D scanner. Thus, almost 200 pairs were scanned, which were subsequently uploaded to the brand’s already created store inside the MARK.SPACE platform. Of the well-known companies in Russia, we negotiated with Panasonic and Komatsu, as well as with several large companies that operate exclusively in the Japanese market.

While working at MARK.Other companies tried to entice me to SPACE, but we believed in the project and in its future, so we did not even think about the transition. With Oleg Ershov, we called up at night and discussed the details of the project, prospects and new functions. Anton Tikhonov, in my opinion, was only interested in money, not the technical side of the project. For the funds raised in the project, there were different data - 6, 10 million, dollars, and then they sent me documents prepared by the Moscow office, in one of which the figure was 22 million dollars.

Personally I have no idea where these funds are, because the Japanese office never received financial support from the head office and was in debt all the time. For our part, we can report for eacha purchase up to 1 yen - everything is declared and done through the tax. From time to time I came to Moscow, offered to conclude a contract in which conditions and regular payments would be spelled out, but Anton Tikhonov avoided answering. For all the time we were transferred about 80 thousand dollars. Where did the remaining funds go - I don’t know. Now we are closing the Japanese office, but we needpay rent for it anyway, as the contract states that you need to warn about vacating the building at least 4 months in advance. Anton Tikhonov fed us breakfast, asked us to be patient, promised the arrival of some major investors in the project, and, as a result, our debts to the landlord only grew.

I have never talked with Evgeni Malkin in my life,I didn’t call up, and I don’t know what he’s talking about the Japanese office, and what kind of place he occupies in the project. It seems that he gave money at the very beginning and received a stake in the company. It seems to me that he does not know anything about what is happening in the company.

In January 2018, I and Kentaro gatheredinterested Japanese investors and organized a trip to the Moscow office. I didn’t know how to introduce Anton to investors. I had to introduce him as the husband of Yana Kontorovich. Another interesting detail: initially the Moscow office was located in one place, but after the end of the ICO, all the developers moved to another office, and Anton and Yana and his employees moved to Moscow City. And here is what surprised: the office in Moscow City was an apartment, in which, as I understand it, Anton, or perhaps Denis Polulyakhov, lived or stayed. But there was a space equipped for an office, where there were desks with computers for employees.

As for Yana Kontorovich, she did not discuss the development of the project, even when we were in Moscow. She generally could leave in the process of discussion..

There was also a case with Softbank, with whom wemet at the Contents Tokyo exhibition in April 2018. SoftBank representatives said they would definitely like to talk to CEO MARK.SPACE about a possible collaboration. I did not know how to say that Yana is sitting for show, and, in fact, Anton decides everything. We agreed, in the end, that we communicate via Skype with Anton. At the appointed time, we came to the Softbank office, we are waiting for the start of the call, which was planned, if my memory serves me, at 4 in the morning in Moscow. The time difference between Tokyo and Moscow is 6 hours in advance. As a result, 10 minutes passed, but Anton did not contact. Anton nevertheless answered belatedly and said: “Well, what is it there?”. He did not turn on the camera, although I warned about this beforehand, listened to my ear, and children screamed in the background. There was no sense from communicating with him, since he spoke completely insignificant information. The Japanese, of course, were in shock and did not want to work with us anymore - although before this call we had a large number of meetings in Tokyo.

Another strange point: during a visit to Moscow, some investors bought MRK tokens directly from Anton. But I can’t say if they accurately translatedfunds for official company wallets or not. Investors contributed funds in different volumes to the project: some 5 million rubles or even more, some 15-20 bitcoins, and some 300 ethers. There are also such investors who invested 0.1 ether in the project. That is, they were both qualified and unskilled investors.

Now from the side of Japanese investors we havequestions. They fully understand that Harada Kentaro and I also suffered - in the end, they went to Russia and understand what the situation looks like. From this project, Harada and I received only a lot of problems. Now investors are planning to file a class action lawsuit against Yana and Anton.

In the same time Tikhonov has not answered me for a long time. I ask him: “Where is the money?” He replies: “Dima, you'd better help us.” On August 24, he wrote for the last time: “Dima, I’m working on a question; you’re not helping me.”

I am shocked that people do this. When they lie, they don’t feel responsibility - I had a “template gap” because I had lost the habit of such an attitude during my stay in Japan.

"God is in hockey, a sucker in life." Business, ICO and "true friends" of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7

"God is in hockey, a sucker in life." Business, ICO and "true friends" of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7

"God is in hockey, a sucker in life." Business, ICO and "true friends" of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7

... ...

Chapter 12. Direct speech. Oleg Ershov.

Oleg Ershov (FB). Co-founder of Mark.Space PTE.

... .

At the end of 2014, I got an interview forAnton Tikhonov at UK-MARK LLC, where then Yulia Trostyanskaya was the general director. As I understand it, they are old friends with Anton. The company’s office was then located in W Plaza on Warsaw Highway. Following the meeting, I was hired by a simple marketer. What surprised me right away was that all the developers were freelance - this is a separate team that works in another legal entity.

In March 2015 I was promoted to marketing director due to circumstances. Anton then quarreled with Nikolai Trotsyuk, commercial director. The quarrel was very noisy, although at first theywere like twin brothers - even negotiated one after another. As a result, the whole team left with Trotsyuk, one day. In the morning we arrived, we were sent for lunch, and after lunch everyone packed up their things, cleaned their computers, and left. Anton said that he initiated a break, but it seemed that they simply did not divide something among themselves. However, then they still talked anyway: Trotsyuk regularly called in our office six months after the conflict simply to "chat".

As a result, I faced the task of launching the project in August 2015 - and I was preparing for the world premiere of the PARK.MARK project (future Mark.Space).

Already when everything was ready, calculated and compiled preliminary media plans, they called me and informed about the postponement of the launch for an indefinite period. what the project has not yet been completed, and the money is running out. A few months later my entire department was fired, and I was asked to develop a description of the concept of the MODA.MARK project, all its strengths and weaknesses, to show to investors.

Two months later, I was introduced to Nikolai Alexandrovich Strokatov, and it turned out that before that his son Alexander gave money but the budget was spent before the end of development. Now Strokatov Sr. has already invested his money in the project. The exact amount is unknown to me, but it seems to be somewhere around 100 million rubles.

In the fall of 2015, I was finally introduced tothe developer, Vladimir Shlyapin, the general director of Site Makers LLC, who developed everything. The first thing I asked: is it possible to see TK and roadmap? But it turned out that Tikhonov sets the technical task in the process, in very general terms, and even on Skype. He has no single vision for the project, and for the most part, Vladimir himself has to think out and get out.

Anton never wrote letters, always askedsomeone. Therefore, they began to completely connect me to communicating with the developers. My proposal is to stop the development, draw up a normal statement of work with the terms, cost of development, sign an agreement on these works in order to have clear guarantees and protection, were met with misunderstanding and excuses ... from Anton! He argued that the project is so global andIt’s complicated that it’s not possible to think over everything. And it’s much easier to pay developers every month than to take a long pause on TK, and then “overpay” for improvements.

The entire first half of 2016, depending on “news from the fields” from sales staff, more than half of the developers' working time was spent on remaking already done. Because either the “concept has changed”, or we heard that “nobody needs it, we do something else”.

Actually, MODA.MARK appeared as a simple alternative to the complex and heavy prototype MARK.SPACE [authors - our opinion is exactly the opposite]. But even she did not help the sales department. Not a single serious partnership has been reached. There were a couple of small orders from retailers of unknown chains for pictures of their goods, but at this point the money ran out again. And then they invited Malkin to the meeting.

Malkin hardly understood the terms and words that Anton and Strokatov Sr. spoke at the meeting. Zhenya didn’t ask any questions whenhe was brought to a meeting. He is really a smart guy, but how can he understand this? I have a feeling that Zhenya has invested in people - he has long been familiar with Strokatov. And Tikhonov, on the one hand, in every possible way was flattering before Zhenya, on the other, he knows how to convince. If he is visited by insight, then he is able to sell anything.

Then Malkin was given a description of MODA.MARK on 80 sheets. When I saw him a month later at a meeting in the office, I asked: “Have you read the description? Have questions?" He honestly said that he tried, but did not understand anything, but Anton explained everything to him. And at the same meeting, he signed all the documents, and a month later the deal took place. However, Anton did not go into details.

Meanwhile, people were returned to my department, and wealready started working on two projects at the same time, the prototype MARK.SPACE and MODA.MARK. Only Anton wanted to see the latter as a three-dimensional fitting room, where on avatars you can try on things taking into account the parameters of the user's body. To our objections that no one has such technologies yet - even Ebay could not cope with this task, and that it will be long and difficult to do - he did not pay attention. Actually, we started pure R&D.

After numerous attempts and code variations, we came to the conclusion that this could not work in the browser. There is not enough memory, the browser simply “crashes” or freezes. Meanwhile, it is already 2017. The money ran out again.

Prototype MARK development.SPACE was stopped and all forces were thrown at MODA.MARK. Until it became clear that only an application similar to Instagram would save her, only for mods. I developed the terms of reference, found a contractor for mobile applications - it was Techinform, with which I signed an agreement.

Then in July 2017 I was invited to a meeting where Tikhonov and Polulyakhov were - there I first heard about cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The last to the team was led by Julia Trostyanskaya - Denis was her boyfriend at that time. He was first thrown to the sales department, and then he became the commercial director and attracted investments.

So, Denis told how easy it will be to raise money, and that our two projects are simply created for this. And if they also take Malkin on board, then we’ll surely get tens of millions of dollars. The main idea of ​​Anton was that the star name attracts money. In general, they persuaded Eugene.

By the way, in the process of attracting investors' funds, Zhenya was not promoted (By the way, I don’t understand where the topic with 4 million came from - he invested even before the ICO), because he still does not know how to speak beautifully and is a little shy to speak English. Naturally, we saw a great desire of people to meet with Malkin, but he said: I do not know what to answer on the project, so let's no meetings.

What was the problem before the start? MODA.They didn’t want to bring MARK to ICO, because they considered that there wasn’t much to collect on it. And the scale was needed. Therefore, the name MARK.SPACE was invented, a domain was bought in the name of Anton, and in August, large-scale preparations for the ICO began.

The money was already over then, and Anton asked me to work for free., saying that everything compensates for the fees, andwill make me a partner and give 5% in Mark.Space for my work for all these years. Not only the preparation of countless documents fell on me, but also the search, and then hiring a team, I had to manage it. However, it soon became clear that there would be no fees without visiting and presenting the project at foreign conferences.

In addition to Polulyakhov, I spoke Englishonly me, so I had to help him. They replaced me with a replacement for Vladislav Utushkin, and he took the post of CMO (Director of Marketing). And from September 2017 to March 2018, I went on numerous business trips and helped Denis. So that at conferences both I and Denis have weight in the eyes of potential investors, we both wrote “Co-Founder” on business cards.

Yana Kontorovich was nominated by Anton for CEO because of her MGIMO diploma, which means she speaks English [approx. authors - English level Yana can rate here] and will be able to present the project, communicate withcommunity (community) like everyone else CEO. Anton himself, under various pretexts, tried not to shine and was never publicly declared as a member of the project team. But the problem was that Yana did not want to dive into the details, and as a result, failed two interviews with banks. When we tried to open accounts in Europe, she was told that she was not a CEO, but a “face value”, did not know anything about the project, and would not.

Then Anton asked me how close todevelopment and knowledgeable in all technical aspects of the project, to implement the support of Site Makers LLC, user support and answer questions in chat rooms. What was then reflected in the service contract. Any video calls also had to be made to me or Denis. Yana was always busy and inaccessible.

By the end of the token sale, the team stopped working at something. I think the guys burned out because they were expecting golden mountains in the form of crazy millions as a reward. There was also a problem with Vlad Utushkin: it turned out that he promised the guys more bonuses than planned. Also, I do not know where Utushkin got the amount of compensation to American investors for 1.5 million. There really was a return - I immediately flew to the lawyers, and after long skirmishes, we began to return the money.

At the same time, at the end of 2017, there was an unpleasant conversationwith Strokatov Sr. He is a very serious guy. Strokatov shouted at his son and Tikhonov, demanding a return on invested money. The amounts were called different, but in the region of 100 million rubles. Directly before the ICO, he lagged behind us - I don’t know why. Perhaps he was promised part of the money that will be collected on the token sale.

On March 1, 2018, the sale of tokens was officially stopped, but, as it turned out later, Denis did not stop there. He made a hidden deal with Singapore DU Capital 10 million dollars, about which a year later I talked over the phone. To the question “Where is the money then?” Denis sent to Anton. Anton refused to answer the question and is still silent.

Immediately after the end of the token sale I was askedfind a separate office for programmers, and transferred to Site Makers LLC. As a result, from May 2018, I worked here. First part-time, and in November of that year, I was completely confronted with the fact that I no longer work for Anton. And they gave the labor. I did not attach much importance to this then.

Actually, Anton changed a lot at that time - thiswas not the person to whom I got a job. Previously, he spent a lot of time with the team, arranged teambuildings. Then, closer to the ICO, he almost did not participate in the process, and after the ICO the "old" Anton did not even exist. Now it was: “Observe subordination; I’m Anton Igorevich for you. And bring a report. ” Although he begged to work for free and six months ago he called his brother.

Tikhonov himself held an office in Moscow City in the tower"City of Capitals St. Petersburg" on the 49th floor. According to him, this was a strategic decision. At the same time, he expands the staff of the MODA.MARK project, launches advertising campaigns, sponsors events. And all this with Mark.Space money raised, since neither Anton nor Yana have any third-party income. Naturally, no one spoke to investors after the token sale about this expenditure of funds.

In the meantime, we asked for a contract withthe developer, where to attach the roadmap, set the development price and officially pay everything from the Singapore company MARK.SPACE in favor of Site Makers LLC. Thus, to accumulate intangible assets, and, upon completion of development, transfer all rights to MARK.SPACE in favor of the Singapore company.

At first we were told that everything was OK. Then they said that Singapore does not accept a crypt, and another jurisdiction is needed. Then negotiations were held for a long time with Switzerland, then with Estonia - and finally on August 3 a license was obtained in Estonia [approx. authors - Ershov did not specify which license]. But unexpectedly, Anton refuses to sign the contract, saying that he does not like how the development is being carried out, that everything is long and expensive (under the contract, he pledged to pay 120,000 euros inmonth) and he will think. Then he transfers all the employees to Site Makers LLC to “officially pay under the contract” and problems with money begin.

A month later, Anton demanded a layoff. He said that the staff was greatly inflated - but it was “minimal equipment”! We were not allowed to hire people.

We were told that the company had unexpected difficulties - while we see that people were arriving in new cars. First, Jan on the new Lexus, then Anton on the new Mercedes. Either a very expensive watch sparkles on Anton’s hand, then Yana’s Facebook replete with photos [approx. authors - content has been closed by Yana for access or deleted] from overseas trips [approx. authors - Kontorovich and Tikhonov's favorite directions were Cyprus, Turkey, Hungary], and the monthly budget drops to 50% of the required. Since May stop paying.

In May, the rhetoric of Tikhonov and Kontorovich changed -if we want to cooperate and get money, then we need to give 80% of the company (Site Makers LLC) to a Singapore legal entity so that the latter has the rights to the product [approx. authors - in the White Paper Mark.Space during the ICO, it was argued that the rights to the product and domain from a Singapore legal entity]. And it was necessary to do immediately.

Vladimir Shlyapin said he would not do this. They changed the requirements by 30%, threatened not to return the money. They said that the money ran out. When asked whether there are investors, they answered us - it's not your business. To this day, they demand from us 30%. In fact, this is an attempt at raider capture.

We have blocked access to the servers, changing everythingpasswords, so we cannot update the system and support customers. Errors have already climbed, soon users will be able to notice this because of a broken interserver interaction. We had servers for our needs, we cleaned them to raise a copy of the project. We are forced to pay employee salaries out of our pocket so that development continues. We have already lost half the team. And we almost ran out of money. We believed that this story could be interesting and profitable.

We have a close-knit team, the guys are ready to workto end. Anton tried to lure people - he learned that I was not in the office, he went to us. I was informed that I flew there, and he told people that we are bad and do not want to pay anyone anything. There is an audio recording and the entire office as witnesses. is he He promised to pay a salary to show them to investors if they move to the City. They wanted to use us as IT escort.

At the moment, Anton and Yana are demanding to transfer undertheir management all the chats. Moreover, Yana removes everything there that is directed in her direction or her husband. For the rest, they avoid communication and pretend that they want to resolve the issue. Appointments are scheduled, but then canceled. As development contractors, we continued to work in the hope of receiving the promised pay and profits. And we will soon be forced to sue MARK.SPACE to recover damages. Now we are closing the office, selling furniture. Our company ceased to exist, we have nothing to live on and feed our families.

At the moment, Mark LLC, owned personally by Anton Tikhonov, there is a delay in paying for servers [approx. authors - the fact of debt is confirmed by information from your personal account]rented from Beget. These are the main project servers, they can be disabled at any time. They chat post a blatant lie about updating the platform to “Visualization 3”, which will be only in 2020. And now these are internal tests and a closed video for potential partners about the future capabilities of the platform.

There is a trouble with the token, neither Anton nor Denisanswer the question about the constantly increasing turnover of tokens, and also dispose of them for their own purposes. So, for example, here on this wallet 0x56BCCde6E510Fc65831db653C00be831a10e5542 Yana and Anton sent 100 million tokens marked “Renat” [approx. authors - we assume that this is one of the employees of one of the crypto exchangers in Moscow City]. For what such merits - we were not informed. But there is a suspicion that this is due to tokenomics and MRK token pumps. Also, Anton has appropriated all 300 million tokens relying on the team.

At the moment, Anton is liquidating the MODA.MARK office on Prospekt Mira, and is transferring everyone to Moscow City, to pass them off as MARK.SPACE employees.

Also he debt of 9 million rubles to the Japanese representation of MARK.SPACE JAPAN. And the guys themselves also shine a fine of 3 million for early termination of the lease, and other bureaucratic costs. But Tikhonov has already disowned them.

There are a number of large investors who came to Russia - Anton personally took money from them, and transferred tokens to them from their personal wallet. All past a smart contract. And these investors are very unhappy and demandreturn the money. However, Anton is not going to get in touch, and requires the representative office to resolve the issue on their own. But these investors have photos with Anton in Moscow [approx. authors - photos of Tikhonov with Japanese investors are also available], as well as the facts of transactions in his personal wallet.

You ask: did I have a feeling that we were doing garbage? I came up with the idea and believed that this project would be.

The concept of MODA.I wrote MARK from the point of view of emotional purchases, as in Instagram, for example. The main dream was to save people time on buying things and collecting the perfect image. Not only in clothes, but in general. In “Visualization 3”, on which they worked, the idea was precisely in the three-dimensionality of space. For example, I went into the kitchen, opened the oven, looked at the baking sheet. It was possible to sell it by the same IKEA - I collected the interior using the service, calculated the cost, ordered it there and immediately furnished the apartment.

In this project I saw the continuation of the Second projectLife, which later had problems - the project could not work on any platform, it needed the Internet and a desktop computer. We had a dream that we really can do it. Such classic "love of the product".

It’s hard to see behind-the-scenes games because weworked almost all the time with like-minded people. The working day was 14-16 hours. Therefore, for us there was a shock - how is it suddenly there is no money? We raised a lot of money for ICOs, our development services cost a million dollars in total, where are they then?

... .

"God is in hockey, a sucker in life." Business, ICO and "true friends" of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7

"God is in hockey, a sucker in life." Business, ICO and "true friends" of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7

Bonus track. It seems that Anton Tikhonov directly admits to manipulating the price of the MRK token, right?

"God is in hockey, a sucker in life." Business, ICO and "true friends" of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7

Chapter 13. Heading “No comment”.

"God is in hockey, a sucker in life." Business, ICO and "true friends" of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7


"God is in hockey, a sucker in life." Business, ICO and "true friends" of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7


"God is in hockey, a sucker in life." Business, ICO and "true friends" of Evgeni Malkin, for whom he will be responsible. - part 6/7


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