December 2, 2023

Germany stands for creating digital currency in Europe

Germany stands for creating digital currency in Europe

Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Finance of Germany Olaf Scholz supported the idea of ​​creating a national digital currency.

“Such a payment system will be a good solution for the financial center of Europe and its integration into the global financial system,– local publication WirtschaftsWoche quotes him as saying.

We must not leave this space to China, Russia, the USA or any of the private suppliers. ”

In September, German authorities approved a state blockchain strategy that prohibits the existence of parallel currencies such as Libra.

“A key element of sovereignty is the issue of currencies. We will not leave this task to private companies. ”- said Scholz then.

Last week with the idea of ​​releasing a nationalTwo American lawmakers also spoke in digital currency, subsequently receiving the support of the head of one of the branches of the Federal Reserve Bank.

In addition, the launch of the national digitalCurrency is also being prepared by the People's Bank of China. Earlier, he refused to confirm information that consumers could be granted access to the instrument until mid-November.