April 17, 2021

German prosecutors failed to access 1,700 bitcoins of convicted hacker

German prosecutors in Kempten, Bavaria, said on Friday they were unable to obtain access to 1,700 bitcoins, which they seized from the hacker.

While serving his prison sentence, the attacker did not tell the prosecutors how to access the cryptocurrency, news.bitcoin.com writes.

In April 2014, prosecutors charged the hacker withwho at that time was 29 years old, charged with computer fraud - a man installed malicious software for mining bitcoin on other people's PCs. As a result, he was sentenced to more than two years in prison.

Then the accusers allegedly managed to get hold of morethan 1,800 bitcoins belonging to the hacker, but actually sold only 86 coins in 2018, earning about 500,000 euros. Prosecutors said that the rest of the bitcoins are protected by several passwords, which IT specialists have not been able to crack.

The attacker refused to voluntarily disclose the password; the prosecutor's office said that the hacker himself may not remember the combination.