February 24, 2021

German company for the production of Cannabis buys bitcoins

Companies outside the United States are starting to follow the example of Tesla and other companies in the purchase of bitcoin (BTC) - registered in The German company for the production of cannabis SunBiotic announced that it "has begun to transfer some of the free liquidity to bitcoin."

Despite the fact that the German company did not crackthe size of the investment, in an official statement, said that she became "the first [publicly registered] company in Germany", which was made this tag.

The reason for this was the assessment of the budgetary policy in Europe and other countries, although it is a good practice to make the most of the budgetary

"Taking into account the excessive increase in the money massas in the euro zone, as well as in the zone of the US dollar, there are peaks in terms of mass devaluation of paper money, "the company said in the company, which is the Xrsera of Germany.

The purpose of this step is to “get off the devaluationa euro with the help of bitcoin ", to which it was formed" more long-term trust, than to the euro or to the dollar, where the

At the same time, it is noted that the emission of bitcoins is limited to 21 million coins.

Last week price of SуnBiotic shares:


One of the users of Reddit wrote what it isThe step became “great news” for the cryptocooperation, while the other added that Tesla boss Ilon Macc literally let gin out of the bottle with his investments of 1.5 billion.

On Twitter, supporters of the cryptocurrency welcomed this news, expressing the opinion that "the corporate boom of bitcoin reached Germany."

Ha this week, the head of PwC declared that the Mexican companies also want to invest in bitcoins, and this will be done in a computer-based computer.

At the time of the title of the article, bitcoin traded at the level of 51,516 US dollars with a daily growth of 5.1% and 10% per week.