November 29, 2023


A few days ago, Evgeny Yushkov published a controversial post

about the alleged history of client Gerchik & Co:


It is very important to clarify this situation, since there are no problems with withdrawing money to

there was no company and no.


Note that there is no specific customer information in the post.

And he doesn’t even speak on his own, but Yushkov reposts the post of the “familiar” client.

Question. Does the client himself have any complaints against the Company at all or is it

fabricated post?


Niche trading is very competitive. And often there are custom posts with

negative and even specially created websites and blogs, etc.

As a rule, we do not react to such attacks,

because often custom posts are visible to the naked eye,

they do not contain any specifics.


Gerchik company & Co is open and ready for cooperation

with customers only on transparent conditions.


That's why,

Dear customer (or someone who personally communicates with him),

tell us the balance account number,

so that we can understand this situation.


For any questions you can contact:[email protected]




Gerchik & Co