January 27, 2022

Geek Craig Wright Claims He Invented Bitcoin Should Pay $ 100 Million Lawsuit

6 December 2021 20:01 GMT + 3

Australian computer scientist Craig Wright, who claims to have invented Bitcoin, received a U.S. jury order to pay 100million dollars in damages due to claims that he defrauded a deceased friend regarding the intellectual property of the cryptocurrency. Bloomberg writes about it.

What happened?Ira Kleiman, brother of Dave Kleiman, who is one of the alleged creators of Bitcoin, claimed in his lawsuit that Craig Wright owes Dave more than 500 thousand BTC. Dave himself died in a car accident in 2013.

Ira claims that his late brother worked withWright on the creation and mining of Bitcoin in the early years of this cryptocurrency. As a result, the plaintiff claims to be entitled to half of the 1.1 million bitcoin cache, worth about $ 70 billion, believed to be owned by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor CraigWright did not deny that Dave Kleiman was his colleague and was involved in the development of Bitcoin. However, he stated that Kleiman's involvement was not significant enough to be called a partner, so Ira does not have any rights to the cryptocurrency from the cache.

To a jury at Miami Federal Court after threeIt took about a week more weeks of trial to reach a verdict. So, on Monday, December 6, the jury rejected most of the claims against Craig Wright. But the outcome likely won't settle the dispute over whether Wright is the mythical creator of the Bitcoin currency.

Wright is considered by many cryptocurrency investorsan impostor, and the years-long Florida lawsuit has not appeased skeptics at all. Wright has stated many times in media interviews and in court that it was he who invented Bitcoin.

Wright said after the verdict:"I have never felt such relief in my life." He also stated that he would not appeal. The man also says that he considers himself acquitted, and the verdict, according to him, proves that he is the creator of Bitcoin.

Kleiman's attorney Devin Friedman called the verdict "a historic precedent in the innovative and transformative cryptocurrency and blockchain industry."

“Years ago, Craig Wright told the Clayman family,that he and Dave Kleiman developed revolutionary intellectual property based on Bitcoin. Despite these confessions, Wright refused to give the Claymans their fair share of what Dave helped create, ”the statement said.

It is noted that in addition to joint mining of BTC, Kleiman helped Wright create the intellectual property underlying the early blockchain technology, worth $ 252 billion.

Wright claimed that the words of Dave Kleiman's brother- Lying. He testified that his friend did not help him launch the cryptocurrency and claimed that there was no documentary evidence of their partnership.

Andres Rivero, Wright's lawyer, called the verdict a complete victory for his client.

“Plaintiffs demanded US $ 600 billion pluspenalties, ”he said in a telephone interview after the verdict. “This is one of America's biggest litigation victories. We crushed them. Their result is less than any settlement proposal we have ever made to them. This is a complete loss for the other side. "

However, Wright must pay Ira Kleiman $ 100.million - Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman had a joint venture company, W&K Info Defense Research, and a jury ruled that Wright embezzled the company's Bitcoin.

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