December 2, 2023

GameStop launches NFT and crypto wallet

The site has not yet opened, but the company is clearly preparing for the launch. GameStop Wallet Now Available forinstallation as a Chrome extension. At the moment, the wallet is still in beta testing.

Beta users can already buy Ethereum and send NFTs. The official GameStop Wallet website states that the app will be coming to the Apple App Store soon.

With a market capitalization of just $7.5 billion compared to the vast crypto market, only time will tell if this new direction will be a successful breakthrough for GameStop.

There are several other companies involved invideo games that have shown interest in NFTs. Sega has trademarked the Sega NFT, and Square Enix said its deal with Embracer has opened up a whole new world of blockchain investment for the company. Ubisoft has also made a fuss about NFTs, so there are a few video game companies that might want to experiment in GameStop's NFT market space.