March 8, 2021

Gamers against selling Zotac video cards to miners

The manufacturer of the computing equipment Zotac has poured out his customer base of gamers, having published a tweet about the sale of new Nvidia series video card for miners of cryptocurrencies.

In connection with this, a set of graphics processors GeForce RTX З070 White Edition was shown with the inscription "The army of graphics processors ZOTAC GAMING, hungry for money!"

In the new year the cost of the Nvidia video cardThe 30th series has grown abruptly (from $ 699 in September 2020 to about $ 1,300 per current moment), at the same time, the number of units has been reduced.

By the end of December 2020 of the air miner (ETH)could earn 12,000 dollars per month (depending on the cost of electricity), combining 78 graphics processors Nvidia RTX 3080. Since this time, the potential output from the mining has doubled, since for this short period the air cost increased by 140%.

For this reason, the Ethereum miners in China even bought portable computers with a graphical processor of the 30th series, connecting which, they co-opted the mining farms.

Due to the lack of video cards, not all Zotac subscribers on Twitter agree with the company's attempt to play with the miners of the cryptocurrency.

"It's a pity that they are not in the hands of all gamers ... Of course, there is a limited edition that the miners will not appreciate," one of them wrote.

Another MWausE user and all told Nvidia to stop delivering Zotac, if the company "is clearly not interested in their sale to loyal players."

In January, Nvidia's Chief Financial OfficerKolett Kpecc assured the gamers that they are still the main target audience of the company, and the current deficit has become a result of the increased speed of the company.