October 1, 2022

G20 countries to make cryptocurrency claims

G20 countries to make cryptocurrency claims

According to the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, Sergey Storchak, the G20 countries in the near future Two joint statements on the need to introduce regulation of the crypto industry and taxation of this sector of the economy are being published.

These documents will be published by the heads of central banks and financial departments at the conference of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which opened in Washington.

Storchak said:

“There will be two statements - on cryptocurrencies and on cooperation in the field of taxation in the digital economy.”

The official noted that the G20 countries want to quicklyrespond to the massive introduction of cryptocurrencies in order to prevent the growth of the so-called “bubble”, which at one time formed on the mortgage market and caused an acute crisis.

Note that many of the G20 countriesrecently expressed concern about the upcoming release of the Libra token. For example, France fears that the emergence of a new instrument in the global market will undermine its financial stability.