May 15, 2021

Fundstrat: ВТС will grow to $ 100,000, ETH to $ 10,000

Fundstrat: ВТС will grow to $ 100,000, ETH to $ 10,000

During the last "Weekly Crypto Briefing" from Fundstrat Global Advisors, analysts said that the price BTC will reach $ 100,000 and Ether $ 10,000. According to them, by the end of the year, the crypto market capitalization will be $ 5 trillion.

Independent financial research companyFundstrat is very optimistic about the current trajectory of the cryptocurrency markets. Fundstrat digital asset strategist David Greider believes that "Bitcoin has rebounded after cooling last week." According to him, this can be regarded as confirmation of the continuation of the race.

Analysts believe that more and more institutions will start investing in crypto, and this will become a new source of capital inflows into the digital asset market.

They also stated that Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. The company is forecasting ETH at $ 10,000.

Fundstrat is not the only one to predictthat the price of ETH could reach $ 10,000. Popular digital asset developer and investor Spencer Noon also made a similar prediction this week. He highlighted 10 reasons why ETH will soon take the place of the first cryptocurrency.

As we reported on our Telegram channel, JPMorgan analysts recently made a similar prediction.

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