January 29, 2023

From LCHI to rooftop and cryptoscam

Given: swindler Alexey Bykov from the RusCoin cryptoscam. Nick on Smartlab - Bykov200176 (was, at least).

It turns out that for 3-4 years he was a normal (and even a successful trader) on the Moscow Exchange. He led seminars for them. The site got its own. I visited Vernikov as a “star of options”.

Moreover, he was the winner of LCHI-2014 in options (note on Smartlab). And then he either merged, or the patient went to the roof. I did not follow. But here's what started ...

"From August 1 to November 1, the first stage of the ICORusCoin project, the purpose of which is the organization on the Moscow exchange of legal cryptocurrency trading. For this, it is necessary to accumulate a blocking project of stock exchange stocks. The cost of such a package (25% + 1 share) will be about $ 1 billion. "© Source

That is, to collect money on the ICO to redeema quarter of Mosbirzhy. And he would have sold her 25% of the shares just like that to Bykov, yeah. Only a complete nerd or patient with such a plan could go out. Which rather suggests that Bykov still drove the roof. And it is dangerous at least as an investment with its Ruskoin, even as a classic trader.

On the Ruskoin website, in general, it’s as if to take the text from the site of the pyramid:

The project does not stop on the spot, is incontinuous development, which allows investors to make a profit. In addition, the amount of investment in the project is also not limited, you can profit from several tariff plans

We allow investors to receive profit, payments to wallets are instant, after ordering a payment, you receive it immediately to your wallet"

Morality? Yes, there is no morality, except that the crypt during the hype period pulled out all the shit that they had in people. It’s enough to look at United Traders. Thanks to crypto, now it’s clear who really was who.