February 4, 2023

France will add Bitcoin curriculum to school curriculum

France will add Bitcoin curriculum to school curriculum

The French Ministry of Education plans to supplement the high school curriculum with a module that focuses on cryptocurrency and its impact on the economy.

Teachers will tell students aboutBitcon, its features and differences from fiat. In addition, teachers will be provided with instructional videos that cover a number of introductory topics about whether Bitcoin is the currency of the future, whether it can replace the euro, and raise questions of trust in traditional money.

Authorities expect this to help students understand the essence of cryptocurrencies and their role in various modern economic systems. However, the goal of this course is not to issue cryptoexperts, but only to provide basic knowledge about a rapidly developing asset class.

This initiative is a logical step in the backgroundthe growing popularity of digital currencies in the country. Recall that since 2020, 25,000 French retail stores will start accepting bitcoins as payment, and since October 5,200 tobacco stores across the country have already begun to trade bitcoins.