December 2, 2022

France Adds Bitcoin to Economics Curriculums

France Adds Bitcoin to Economics Curriculums

France becomes one of the most friendly countries for cryptocurrencies and creates conditions for their mass recognition and implementation.

The French Ministry of National Education decided to incorporate Bitcoin into the curriculum. Now, students of French colleges and high school students studying economics will also study bitcoin.

The ministry decided to include bitcoin and variousits aspects into educational programs so that students understand cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, as well as the impact of bitcoin on the global economy.

Now French teachers will have to, byat least, review cryptocurrencies for their students so that they have a general idea of ​​them, and also explain how decentralized money systems work.

The French Ministry of Education recommends that teachers study the basics of bitcoin in instructional videos that look at the future of cryptocurrencies and whether Bitcoin can replace the euro.

Thus, the desire of France to integrate cryptocurrencies into educational programs can be a significant step in mass learning the basics of digital currencies and their recognition.

However, the intergovernmental "Groupthe development of financial anti-money laundering measures ”(FATF) and financial circles in different countries are actively opposing the evil that may be hidden behind cryptocurrencies.

Many governments and regulators havesharp criticism of the Libra project - the future stablecoin of Facebook, which, as many governments have decided, could pose a threat to the traditional financial system. Also, recently the governments of five European countries, led by France, created a coalition against this stablecoin, trying to prevent it from entering the European market.