February 1, 2023

Found a new way to measure gravity using pairs of atoms

Found a new way to measure gravity using pairs of atoms

The researchers used the differences in the pairs of atoms suspended in the air to accurately measure gravity.

Currently standard gravityThe experiments consist in dropping objects in shielded tubes for measurements using special tools. Although this method is effective, it provides only short-term observation of gravitational interactions, and can be affected by external magnetic fields.

Recently, a team of physicists from UC Berkeley Found a new way to measure. Its essence lies in the fact that a cloud of cesium atoms is released into the airspace of a small chamber, and then with the help of laser pulses it is cooled and separated into several pairs in a state of quantum superposition. Further, lasers are used to fix particles in space, so that one of the atoms of each pair is much higher than its satellite.

After that, scientists measure the wave duality of each atom. Knowing the difference in their distances from the Earth, it is possible to accurately determine the value of gravity.

Found a new way to measure gravity using pairs of atoms

This method allows for longstudies due to the immobility of atoms. In addition, it can be used to determine the attractive force between various objects, and the device itself is easier to protect from interference from random magnetic fields.

In the future, this method will createcompact instruments for measuring gravity. He also offers scientists new tools to determine the nature of dark matter and test other physical ideas.

Recall that recently, scientists also discovered a new stable form of plutonium, which can serve as a transitional phase for the storage of radioactive waste.