September 25, 2023

Fortune Magazine Includes Bitcoin in Top 100 Assets of All Time

Fortune Magazine Includes Bitcoin in Top 100 Assets of All Time

According to Fortune multinational business magazine research, Bitcoin is one of the best products. modernity. Fortune teamed up with the Design Institute of the Illinois Institute of Technology to produce an exact copy of a 1959 survey.

As a result, numerous teachers, opinion leaders, freelance designers, and development teams carried Bitcoin into the same weight group as the Apple iPhone, Macintosh, and Google Search Engine.

True, at the moment, BTC is not rated too muchhigh, since the main cryptocurrency took only 90th place, but given the active development of the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin can easily improve its position in the coming years.

“Bitcoin is designed so thata wide range of stakeholders - developers, investors, enterprises, miners, individuals, there were incentives to adopt a new digital currency without any central issuer or governing body ””Said David Kelly, founder of IDEO, a global design company.

Just 10 years after the advent of cryptocurrencyBitcoin's market capitalization has grown steadily and reached $ 200 billion (until the recent mass liquidation ”). Despite the high volatility, the coin is used by millions of people around the world.