December 10, 2023

Former MtGox CEO Marc Carpeles Demands Claim Against US

Former owner of the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange MtGox Mark Karpeles intends to seek terminationlitigation initiated by exchange user Gregory Greene in 2014.

According to the documentation sent to the federalcourt of Chicago, Carpeles claims that the main plaintiff, Gregory Green, recognized the invalidity and groundlessness of his original claims. Accordingly, Karpeles demanded that the court make a decision in a simplified manner, without a full trial. The former head of MtGox substantiated his demand with the absence of real questions and significant facts.

“Claims against other defendants have alreadysettled. However, despite this, Green stubbornly refuses to withdraw his lawsuit, based on those accusations that Green himself admitted to be unfounded. It's time to stop these lawsuits," — Karpeles' lawyers say.

Karpeles seeks to be acquitted in threeaccusations: illegal disposal of borrowed funds in their favor, neglect of their duties and deception of investors. Regarding the first charge, Karpeles claims no evidence that he has misappropriated someone else's bitcoins or fiat currencies held on MtGox. According to Karpeles, Gregory Green has no evidence to confirm that the MtGox exchange did not provide precautions for the safe storage of bitcoins.

In December 2018, Japanese prosecutorsdemanded a ten-year prison sentence for Karpeles. However, in March last year, the Tokyo District Court found Mark Karpeles guilty of only part of the charges and sentenced him to 2.5 years probation.