June 6, 2023

Former CIA Analyst Warns of Rise in Cyber ​​Attacks from North Korea

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Former CIA Analyst Warns of Rise in Cyber ​​Attacks from North Korea

The former CIA agent said that North Korea will continue to focus on cyberattacks on cryptocurrency companies as the DPRK regime faces severe food shortages.

Soo Kim, formerly of the CIAan analyst position, warned that North Korean-backed cyberattacks against crypto-currency and tech companies will grow more sophisticated over time as the country grapples with lingering economic sanctions and a lack of resources.

According to her, generating income from cyberattacks has becomefor the DPRK, a "way of life" since the North Korean regime has led to food shortages, as well as the refusal of other countries to cooperate with North Korea. Therefore, Kim believes, the DPRK will continue to attack crypto companies and do it more and more sophisticated.

“Despite the fact that North Korea now hasThe channels through which everything necessary for the country is bought are poorly developed, in terms of rapprochement with foreigners and the use of their vulnerabilities, the DPRK has an “unplowed field,” the expert said.

First of all, according to Kim, hackers turnpay attention to unsuspecting employees of technology companies and try to find vulnerabilities through them. Some methods even involve a hacker getting a job in one of the Western or Asian companies.

According to the analyst, the country is very seriouslyrelates to this job – it’s not just some person sitting in the basement and trying to steal cryptocurrency. Pyongyang provides its hackers with the best equipment and education as they bring it a critical income stream.

Earlier, experts from the Reuters news agency said that stocks of cryptocurrency stolen by North Korea over the past year have fallen in price by $400 million due to a downturn in the markets.