June 7, 2023

Forbes: GTA will have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency

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Forbes: GTA will have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency

In a future GTA VI game, it may be possible toearn and withdraw cryptocurrency, several publications write at once, including Forbes magazine hints. There has been no official comment from the developers yet.

Rewarding players for completing certainmissions will take place not in the form of in-game money, but using some kind of “analogue of bitcoin”. According to some reports, some kind of cryptocurrency will completely replace in-game dollars. The new part of the Grand Theft Auto series should be based on the Play-to-Earn model, where game coins can eventually be exchanged for real monetary assets. A broker dealing with cryptocurrency in the stock market will appear inside the game.

It is not yet known when the official announcement will take place.and even more so the release of GTA VI. In August 2022, representatives of Rockstar, the developer of GTA, reported that work on the new part of the series was proceeding at an active pace. The budget of the game, the creators assure, will surpass the most expensive projects: Cyberpunk 2077 ($330 million), Destiny 2 ($500 million) and Star Citizen ($550 million).

Last year, the news came out that Rockstar Games, following Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, banned the introduction of non-fungible tokens in mods created by third-party developers and fans of their games.

In early February, the Undeads metaverse teamproposed a new approach to adapt traditional gamers to the Web3 ecosystem, which allows you to start playing a P2E game without the use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.