March 29, 2023

Following TRUMP 2020: FTX Launches Futures for Five More US Presidential Candidates

Shortly after launching futures for re-election of US President Donald Trump, FTX cryptocurrency exchange expanded the listing with five more contracts for other participants in the presidential race.

Now users will also be able to bet on the likelihood of winning Bernie Sanders (BERNIE ticker), Joe Biden (BIDEN), Mike Bloomberg (BLOOMBERG), Pete Buttigic (PETE) and Elizabeth Warren (WARREN).

As with TRUMP 2020, each offive contracts are executed at $ 1 in case of victory of the candidate and at $ 0 in case of his loss in the elections. Users can open both long and short positions.

TRUMP is currently trading at around $ 0.62,pointing to the confidence of most market participants in the victory of the current US president. The lowest quotation under the WARREN contract is $ 0.019, which indicates a low probability of victory for Elizabeth Warren.

TRUMP contracts have the highest open interest (297,763). BERNIE (137 003) is also popular, followed by BLOOMBERG (113 279), BIDEN (111 075), WARREN (102) and PETE (33).

It is noteworthy that trading on FTX is not available for users from the United States, as well as the EU, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and several other jurisdictions.

Recall last month FTX launched Bitcoin-based options.