May 25, 2022

First Crypto Cafe Opens in Puerto Madero, Argentina

The cryptocurrency world is developing by leaps and bounds. In confirmation of this, in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, 6 In May, the CrypStation cafe opened, which accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment.


The cafe is located in one of the symbolicbrick buildings opposite the Catholic University of Argentina. According to Mauro Lieberman, one of the cafe's founders, the university provided significant assistance in opening.

Mauro Lieberman noted that the opening of the cafe wasa kind of "bridge that can connect the traditional economy and the cryptocurrency world." He believes that any other product or service could play the same role as the adoption of cryptocurrencies by people and organizations expands.

As an investor with over five years of experience in bitcoin, Lieberman decided to put his knowledge of cryptocurrencies into this project, which is not only gastronomy.

The cafe will offer servicesinvestment advice, courses and events dedicated to cryptocurrencies, and access to the metaverse will be opened. And, of course, cafes accept BTC for payment via the Lightning Network. In addition, you can pay for services in a cafe using traditional means.

The co-founder added that paying with cryptocurrencycan only be made through personal wallets, and not from the wallets of cryptocurrency exchanges. The reason is that exchanges only offer trading, not payments. He also added that it is very important that users understand the need to store their funds off exchanges in order to keep them safe, which is the defining value of bitcoin.

There is a zone with a special screen in the room, which shows the current rates of cryptocurrencies and the latest news of the crypto-currency world.

Also, CrypStation has a cryptocurrencyan ATM owned by Athena, so that visitors can exchange cash for cryptocurrencies and vice versa. This is the eleventh ATM that the company has installed in Buenos Aires.