June 14, 2024

Finland will conduct training cyber attacks on enterprises

Finland will conduct training cyber attacks on enterprises

The Finnish Population Registration Center (FPRC) is organizing a cyber attack that will simulate the actions ofcrypto ransomware, and which will cover more than 200 Finnish municipalities and organizations.

Large cities and public organizations are preparing for a hypothetical attack in order to learn how to quickly respond to real hacker threats.

Finnish government is in a positionhigh alert after an activist group called “Tietovuoto321” sent a ransom demand on bitcoin (BTC) to 234 public organizations throughout Finland on October 10. In just the past month, two such cyber attacks have affected the work of government agencies.

Finnish government and stateAgencies are often the target of sophisticated cyberattacks that compromise agency websites and steal sensitive data. FPRC hopes that by conducting a powerful cyberattack training exercise, businesses and civilians will learn to respond to such situations without panic. 

FPRC officials say the proposed “exercises” will simulate the most realistic scenarios of possible cyber attacks.