February 24, 2021

Finish burying BTC! Crypto business or good old classics ??

Remind me, please, what is the capitalization of the Moscow Exchange? What are her prospects? And how much is her business interesting?

In the domestic market Moscow Exchange love very much!I often hear that these shares are a defensive asset, or that this company is a cache generating machine. Many people recommend buying, they consider the company promising. Personally, I don't understand the prospects of this company. Yes, it is traded and traded actively! Yes, there are some attempts to expand the business. But all attempts are never a fountain. The Moscow Exchange is an old classic business.
On the contrary, many are now discussing crypt.The day before yesterday we stormed new highs. The crypto market had a capitalization of almost 1.7 trillion dollars ... Well, of course, it's all a bubble, a pyramid and all that! Hello! bubble connoisseurs… stream your favorite arguments. And then it collapsed ... BTC fell ... well, yes, it never happened, and now again. Let's bury the crypt already, because a little more and the pyramid will collapse.

Meanwhile, while experts bury the industry and train them to identify pyramids, one of the key elements of the crypto infrastructure - the Coinbase exchange - is preparing for an IPO. I wonder how much the experts will appreciate it?
So, back to the topic of the title. Our beloved SL points to the capitalization of the Moscow Exchange at 386.1 billion rubles. Wow ... that's probably a lot! Here is such a classic!

Up until a month ago, there were some mentions of Coinbase's $ 60 billion IPO valuation. Now I can't and I'm not looking for a link. I just remember paying attention to it.
But today I am already reading about the assessment Coinbase $ 100 billion - www.profinance.ru / news / 2021/02/22 / c16u-kriptobirzhu-coinbase-otsenili-v-100-mlrd-eto-dorozhe-chem-nasdaq-cme-ice-ili-cb.html !!! How do you like that! That's what the assessment of modern crypto business is! And yes, this may be the assessment of a modern exchange. I don't know how much Coinbase will be worth when the IPO happens. But I am confident that the score will be even higher over time.

This is how the market can value classics and something new. Where is the correct assessment - I do not know. Something the crypt does not die, and the pyramid does not collapse. But the self-elimination of our market from the crypt goes ... continue by yourself ))