May 25, 2022

Financial Aikido or how we can get back our gold reserves, overcome sanctions and punish the West

Initial input data:
1. The gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of Russia (GFR) were illegally frozen.
2. Illegal without sanctions of the UN Security Council introduced total sanctions against Russia, its enterprises and citizens.
3. Due to the freezing of gold reserves, there is nothing to pay the debts of the Ministry of Finance and Russian enterprises.
4. The EU and the US banned the import of their cash currencies into Russia.
5. Because of the sanctions and the freezing of gold reserves, problems arose with the import of goods and technologies into Russia.
6. Ukraine is trying to put its paw on Russia's gold reserves.
7. The Russian Foreign Ministry is unsuccessfully trying to convince the West to comply with international law without having time to wipe itself off from spitting from all sides.
8. Russia has the largest number of thermonuclear warheads and modern delivery vehicles, as well as the most advanced air defense and the largest territory in the world.

A task: Find an ideal strong solution that will solve all Russian problems at once and punish the West.

Solution: Since the West has violated all norms of internationalthe right to seek a legal solution as the Russian Foreign Ministry does and our syslibs argue absurdly. As they said in the nineties about the brothers, the West went to lawlessness. Total war has been declared on Russia and we are still not being bombed like Yugoslavia only because of the heaviest and most sophisticated thermonuclear club in the world and the most advanced air defense, including strategic air defense, which we also have in an obsolete form in the United States. All other countries that have announced sanctions against us do not have strategic air defense.

If you use a military solution and as he saysGDP, since there is no way out, then it is necessary to strike first, Russia can win by incurring non-fatal damage by arranging the sunset of Western civilization manually. NATO will not be able to compensate for its military backwardness in the coming years. But thanks to our military invulnerability, there is also a non-military solution.

Additional input: German operation "Bernhard" during WWII,counterfeit dollars ala North Korea and China. There has long been gossip about China's economic miracle and allegedly huge off-balance sheet debts, but part of the miracle is quite obvious if you take off the rose-colored glasses and understand why debt is not as bad as economists suggest:

CIA suspects China is "printing" fakedollars. The fact is that the balance - export - import does not converge. The value of total exports from other countries to China is much less than the value of China's imports and domestic consumption.

Russia has a state Goznak, whichprints not only rubles, but also local currency on orders from other countries. We can easily get our gold reserves back and even more just by printing them in Russia. At the moment, the West simply has nothing to fend off such a move, because. their currencies are reserve and widespread, but the ruble is not. Moreover, as you know, the Central Bank of Russia has already connected 12 banks to the digital ruble and made the first payments. This process must be accelerated to the maximum, completely destroying the possibility of undermining the Russian ruble in a similar way. But that is not all. The West is trying to cut off Russia's sanctions circumvention through cryptocurrencies by total control of fiat nodes. With the help of the proposed solution and the use of distributed crypto exchanges, Russia will easily cope with this problem by creating its own Russian fiat node in all enemy currencies. And if the same Aeroflot needs to buy spare parts for its flight fleet, then it’s easy to do this by overpaying with an extra charge through spacers in friendly and neutral countries in cash or cryptocurrencies - we’ll print the enemy bubble as much as necessary. Same with all other industries, including nanoelectronics, machine tools and equipment. In this way, we will not only neutralize all sanctions and freeze gold reserves, but also add inflation to the enemy’s currencies, undermining his financial system, i.e. we will move from defense to the offensive - without it, as you know, it is impossible to win in principle.

We have observed strange accidents while repairing ourmilitary courts in peacetime and the death of our scientists, so I would not be surprised if their number now increases and spreads to all our spheres of life, including not only defense plants, but all other key enterprises and authorities. In sanctioned Iran, this happens regularly - they blow up, then they shoot. The FSB, GRU and SVR have something to do - I hope they do not miss the actions of our enemy, as happened on June 22, 1941, when Hitler destroyed our western districts because of Stalin's attempts to play by the rules and avoid confrontation. Now the main thing is that our government does not give Gorbachev's slack (American show-offs with unrealizable SDI) and does not turn on the back - then we will be finished. Russia has every chance to win, if they are once again mediocre not to screw up after listening to our syslibs who screwed up the gold reserves and did not bear any responsibility.