December 2, 2023

FBI: cryptocurrencies are a significant and ever-growing problem

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray said that for law enforcement agenciescryptocurrencies pose an “ever-growing threat.”

At a meeting of the US Internal Affairs Committeesecurity and public affairs, Senator Mitt Romney asked about cryptocurrencies, their current status and whether they give law enforcement a cause for concern:

“I think it will be much harder for you to doyour work if you can’t track the cash flows hidden from you. I am wondering if we should take any measures to counter cryptocurrencies? ”

Ray replied that related to digital assetsproblems are becoming more significant. He did not give any recommendations regarding regulation, but noted that cryptocurrencies could be used by terrorists.

“This is part of a broader trend. Such technologies make life easier for our opponents, especially those that enable us to act anonymously. ”- added the director of the FBI.

The FBI had previously stated that North Korea uses cyber attacks to circumvent international sanctions.