May 28, 2023

Fashion house Balmain has released a series of sneakers with a digital version in the NFT

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Fashion house Balmain has released a series of sneakers with a digital version in the NFT

French fashion house Balmain has launched a limited edition Unicorn Phygital Wearable sneaker along with its digital version in the form of collectible tokens (NFTs).

The collection was developed by SpaceRunners, which also partners with Pantera, Polychain, Jump Capital and Animoca Brands. Unicorn Phygital Wearable consists of 130 shoes and comes with identical physical counterparts. In total, the company presented five designs of sneakers and they cost from $1595 to $2095. Buyers will be able to purchase them for both fiat currency and ETH.

“As the physical and digital worldscontinue to merge, Balmain is constantly exploring new paths. This collaboration allows us to present this home to a wider audience,” said Balmain Marketing Director Txampi Diz.

Balmain Unicorn NFT owners will have early access to future Balmain drops and other exclusive products from the company.

“The Metaverse has become a dirty word.Just like NFTs. But we need to bring Web2 customers and Web 2.5 customers – our largest potential customer base – into this space,” said Space Runners creative director Rohan Chhabra.

While the Balmain Unicorn NFT collection is not compatiblewith any metaverse gaming platform. For now, buyers of NFT-enabled sneakers will only be able to use them in the Space Runners metaverse, which is scheduled to launch later this year.

Recall that in January the luxury brand Pradareleased its ninth collection of non-fungible tokens, and in October, fashion brand HUGO announced a collaboration with Web 3.0 Imaginary Ones to create a collection line of NFTs.