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Fall or rise of the SP500?

Market overview onSeptember 27, 2019

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Fall or rise of the SP500?

This week was marked by the publication on Thursday of data forthe second quarter of annual US GDP growth rates fell from 2.7% to 2.3%, which caused the SP500 index to decline by 0.8%.
Fall or rise of the SP500?

However, this is not the end of the drop in annual pace.US GDP growth. According to the predictive indicator of the United States ISM Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) in comparison with the United States GDP Annual Growth Rate it is clearly noticeable that the way to reduce is still relevant for the next publication of GDP data.
Fall or rise of the SP500?

Also, according to data from the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges, as well as analysis based on volatility zones, the way to reduce the index is fully open.
Fall or rise of the SP500?

The cumulative delta on the futures of the DowJones 30, SP500, NASDAQ 100 indices shows a declining dynamics, which confirms the intention of the participants to the SHORT position.
Fall or rise of the SP500?

The recommendation for September 27, 2019 will be the openingSHORT positions on resistance levels, and also after the opening of the US stock market, coordinate sales with changes in the Stock Exchange Delta Volume indicator, the indicators of which can be viewed on the online chart published

Support and resistance zones

Monthly volatility resistance - 3014
Weekly volatility resistance — 3027
Daily volatility resistance — 2990

Daily volatility support - 2958
Weekly volatility support - 2939
Monthly volatility support — 2833