May 15, 2021

Facebook will release and test the Diem stablecoin at the end of the year

The giant of social networks Facebook is ready to start testing its secured US dollar Diem and is trying to get license for payments from the Swiss regulatory authorities.

Colliding with a severe rejection Kongpecca USA andRegulatory organizations all over the world, most of them have withdrawn from the project. As a result, Facebook made changes to its Libra (original name) crypto project.

Today the stablecoin is called Diem, it is tied only to the US dollar, and not to the basket of fiat currencies of several leading countries, as this is the basis of this plan.

During the current time Diem Accotion isNegotiations on the receipt of a payment license with the regulating authorities of Switzerland. It is expected that the release and testing of the cryptocurrency will be carried out at the end of this year.

In the words of the insider, this will be a small pilot project Diem, which will be coded on payments between individual users using the driver's kit.