January 27, 2022

Facebook will provide Libra stablecoin with five national currencies!

Facebook will provide Libra stablecoin with five national currencies Facebook will provide Libra stablecoin with five national currencies!
Facebook introduced the official list of currencies, which will be in the basket providing Libra. It also became known about the share of each currency in the basket.

The shares of national currencies in the basket providing Libra are presented as follows:

  1. 50% US dollar;

  2. 18% - euro;

  3. 14% - yen;

  4. 11% - pound;

  5. 7% - Singapore dollar.

Facebook Blockchain Head DavidMarcus (David Marcus) on Friday confirmed that the company still plans to issue digital currency next year, despite the negative attitude of the authorities of various countries.

“By this time, we plan to answer all available questions and create an acceptable regulatory environment,” he said.

Marcus added that Libra with a high proportionlikelihood will not become a means of payment in countries such as Switzerland, Germany and France, but it will be used as a tool for international transfers or very small settlements.

Recall that earlier the French Minister of Finance Bruno le Mer opposed the spread of Libra in Europe, and then the German authorities supported this initiative.

Marcus noted that at the first stage of developmentattracting users to stablecoin will be an even bigger problem than compliance with the law. According to him, Libra will not have a destabilizing effect on the global financial system and will not interfere with the monetary policy pursued by central banks, because it will not take part in the release of a new money supply.

In the end, he said that the Calibra wallet would be available wherever there would be legislative restrictions.

source: https: //bits.media/facebook-obespechit-steyblkoin-libra-pyatyu-natsionalnymi-valyutami/

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