June 9, 2023

Facebook will pay $ 550 million fine

Facebook will pay $ 550 million fine

Facebook agreed to pay $ 550 million to settle class action lawsuit use of face recognition technology.

The trial has been ongoing since 2015and based on a class action lawsuit from Facebook users from Illinois. Users claim that the TagSuggestion function violates the state law on biometric confidentiality because it does not request permission to collect face recognition data and does not inform users about how long the biometric data will be stored.

This is not the first time Facebook has brokenconfidential consumer rights. The Federal Trade Commission has already fined the company for privacy violations following the release of a Cambridge Analytica study. In 2019, another fine of $ 5 billion was paid by the social network for the collection and inappropriate storage of user confidential data.

Recently, Facebook also faced fines in Italy and the UK for violating privacy policies.