May 28, 2023

Facebook rebranded. The company is now called Meta

Facebook rebranded. The company is now called Meta

17 years after its creation, the Facebook corporation behind Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was given a new name - Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg has officially announced the rebranding. The main goal of the "new" company is to build a metaverse, which will become the next stage in the evolution of social connections.

Our mission remains the same - to bring people together, but now in the metaverse.

The rebranding will not affect the name of the social networkFacebook. The corporation has been laying the groundwork for this change over the course of several months. In August, Facebook created an unusually high buzz around a VR app designed for virtual reality communication.

Meta will continue to work on Facebook, Instagram andWhatsApp, while developing the "metaverse" in parallel. There is a version that with the help of rebranding, the Facebook management wants to make amends for the numerous scandals associated with the company.

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