June 18, 2024

Facebook leaked personal data to 267 million users

Facebook leaked personal data to 267 million users

In December, a database with phone numbers, names and other data of 267 million people was publicly availableFacebook users, Comparitech, a British research company, said.

According to experts, on December 4, the base was the firstindexed, on December 12 it became available for download on one of the hacker forums. Two days later, it was discovered by security expert Bob Dyachenko. He reported a leak to the ISP managing the server’s IP address. Since December 19, the base is unavailable.

According to Comparitech, the database mainly contained information about users from the United States. Data from the database could be used for spamming or mass phishing mailings.

How the data appeared in the public domain is unknown. The attackers may have obtained data before the changes to the Facebook security policy were introduced.

In July 2019, U.S. authorities fined Facebook $ 5 billion due to problems with storing user data.