December 4, 2021

Facebook gave a tick to fake Elon Musk

Facebook gave a tick to fake Elon Musk

Immediately after receiving verification, the fake account began to conduct a "distribution of bitcoins".

Fan page, dedicated to the posting of Musk's tweets, posted a fake offer to double its MTC.

Facebook gave a tick to fake Elon Musk

I will provide the help that everyone asked for. Send $ 1000 to my BTC wallet, and I will return $ 2000 to you today

During the day, 0.0371 BTC or $ 2350 was transferred to the specified address at the current rate, some of which were immediately withdrawn.

Facebook later removed the fake page, which had 153,000 subscribers.

The page was registered two years ago undernickname Kizito Gavin. After six name changes on October 17, she was renamed Elon Musk. In total, it contained 10 photos of Musk's reposts, and the last one was a fake Bitcoin giveaway.

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