December 2, 2023

Explain the crypt.

Haven't been here in three years and still amI would like to live in peace, but one question does not giveI've had peace for the last month.I'm of course talking about Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies in general. But the question is this: what is the point of speculating in crypto? Is it volatility? So any pennystack will give crypto a head start. But there are some downsides to crypto. Firstly, you need to open your wallet with a jigsaw in one place, then put money in there, and then trade on some strange platforms. So I decided to study this issue and start speculating in Bitcoin, I opened a chart, a chart as a chart, well, I think I’ll get involved with modern technologies. I started opening my wallet, registering on the exchange and almost fainted from the spreads and commissions. Deposit money 6%, withdraw 6%, spread per transaction is about 1% per circle) What is this anyway? How can one speculate on this? Buy for grandchildren, perhaps, but how to speculate? If for 10 transactions, without leverage, you will give 10% of the account, and another 6% for withdrawal. I have been trading on the market for quite a long time, and I understand that speculating in such conditions and in the complete absence of a regulator is simply idiotic. If I made a mistake somewhere, please correct me in the comments.