February 27, 2024

EXMO company blog | Weekly news: cryptokits on the hunt

EXMO company blog | Weekly news: cryptokits on the hunt</p>

News of the week - a source of information about key events in the crypto market.

Crypto market capitalization for 7days fell by 14.5% to $ 2.3 trillion,according to CoinMarketCap. On December 4, the figure dropped to $2.1 trillion.

Daily trading volumes for the week decreased by 18% to $ 104 billion.The greatest recovery was observed on December 4 and 5, with daily trading volumes reaching $219 billion. Such a jump has not been observed since September 7, when the market fell by almost 14%.

The growth of BitTorrent (BTT) trading volumes on December 6 and 7 stands out: $ 2.45 billion and $ 2.62 billion, respectively.The indicator has increased approximately 6 times since December 1, when its value was $0.42 billion.

The Cryptocurrency Index of Fear and Greed on December 4 shifted from the "Fear" zone to the "Extreme Fear" zone, where it remained until December 7 inclusive.On December 6, the index value dropped to 16 points. This is the worst assessment of market sentiment since July 21. As of December 8, the index value is 28 points.

TOP factors of market movement

▲ ▼ 12/01/2021 - On December 8, the US Congress will host a hearing on digital assets, at which representatives of the cryptoindustry will speak.

▼ 12/01/2021 - SEC Chairman Gary Gensler: Bitcoin is a competitor to the US banking system and its global consensus.

▲ Dec 01, 2021 - skew: On November 30, daily volumes of ether options in the market exceeded $ 1 billion.

▲ Dec 1, 2021 - Meta (formerly Facebook) has made it easy to run crypto-related advertising on its platforms.

▼ 12/02/2021 - Santiment: On December 1, the inflow of bitcoin to exchanges exceeded the outflow by 10 thousand BTC (about $ 580 million). According to CryptoQuant, exchange balances were replenished by 18,000 BTC.

▼ 12/02/2021 - CryptoQuant: open interest in bitcoin futures has remained almost unchanged since mid-November, showing insignificant growth, which may indicate an excessive debt load on the market.

▲ 12/03/2021 - The Chilean Senate has received a bill on the recognition of bitcoin as a means of payment.

▲ 12/03/2021 - CoinDesk: Goldman Sachs and a number of other large American banks are going to start issuing loans to organizations secured by bitcoin.

▲ 12/04/2021 - El Salvador's State Bitcoin Fund purchased an additional 150 BTC. The average purchase price was $ 48,670.

▼ 12/05/2021 - The Block: On the morning of December 4, an unnamed trading firm reduced its Bitcoin positions by $ 500 million.

▲ 12/06/2021 - CoinShares: at the end of last week, cryptocurrency funds raised $ 184 million, taking into account the fact that $ 40 million was withdrawn at the end of Friday.

▲ 12/06/2021 - Micro futures trading on ether has begun on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

▼ 12/06/2021 - CoinShares: last week $ 0.6 million was withdrawn from cardano funds. The outflow of funds has been observed for the third week in a row.

▲ 12/06/2021 - The Tron Foundation announced the launch of the BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) main network on December 12, 2021 and the denomination of the native BTT token.

▲ Dec 07, 2021 - Brazil's largest investment bank BTG Pactual has launched a 20% ETH hybrid fund.

▲ 12/08/2021 - Visa announced the creation of a new cryptocurrency advisory division.

▲ 12/08/2021 - Three Arrows Capital Venture Fund acquired 156,000 ETH in 17 days after its CEO Su Joo announced that he was disappointed with Ethereum and would stop supporting the project.

EXMO news

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This is a brief summary of the main crypto news of the week. Follow the link to read the full version of the weekly crypto market review.