November 29, 2023

Ex-Microsoft programmer convicted of $ 10 million fraud using Bitcoin

The Seattle District Court found the citizen, former Microsoft tester Vladimir Kvashchuk, guilty of organizingcryptocurrency fraudulent schemes. This was reported on the website of the US Department of Justice.

From August 2016 to June 2018, the 25-year-oldUkrainian citizen Vladimir Kvashchuk worked in the team of the Universal Store Team, which is responsible for activities in the field of electronic commerce. In this team, online platform testers could make virtually free purchases using digital discount cards.

“Kvashchuk resold cards on the Internet toThen buy a house on the lake for $ 1.6 million and a Tesla car. At first, Kvashchuk stole small amounts from his account. The total cost of the stolen funds was about $ 12,000. But when he used the email accounts of employees, the amounts began to amount to millions of dollars ”, - is reported on the website of the department.

To confuse the tracks and make it difficult to track the movement of funds, Kvashchuk used bitcoin mixers.

“He used the Bitcoin mixing service, trying to hide the source of funds that ultimately came to his bank account., - said in court documents. -He then filed false tax returns indicating that the bitcoins were a gift from relatives."

Ex-Microsoft employee faces twenty years in prison.

ForkLog previously reported that cryptocurrency founder Gemcoin pleaded guilty to cryptocurrency fraud of $ 147 million.