April 21, 2024

Evacuation, mining and 120 bitcoins

About the wave of evacuations and “mining” that are sweeping through Moscow with a smooth “capture” of other cities andand here are 120 bitcoins. A brief explanation for those who did not follow the context.

Evacuation, mining and 120 bitcoins

About 5 years ago there was a cryptocurrency exchange MtGox, from itbitcoins crashed, and they surfaced on another cryptocurrency exchange - BTC-e. Then BTC-e itself expanded in volume and became the largest in terms of turnover (according to their presentation), until they closed comrade Vinnik for washing, which is still stuck in a Greek prison. Almost immediately after the arrest, BTC-e itself pissed off, hamsters (users of the exchange) were left massively without cryptocurrency. Some hamsters were dangerous and evil. Then, on the ruins of BTC-e, they tried to make the WEX exchange, including ostensibly to return part of the hamsters that were decommissioned to BTC-e. WEX worked for less than a year and cuddled along with the money of hamsters. Moreover, it seems that the “office” from Lubyanka, as well as the second-tier oligarch Malofeev (Tsargrad), is indirectly or directly involved in the dough - if you read the materials on Lenta.ru, RBC and BBC. At first, hamsters simply wrote letters to the media and authorities and produced long branches on Bitcointalk with exposures of BTC-e beneficiaries - and then, presumably, one of the hamsters was tired of it. But since the money didn’t exclude the possibility of settling in someone’s pockets in the FSB, the office didn’t want to publicize the postal (maybe telephone, xs) mining attacks, so that they would not start digging the original case. At the same time, hamsters dissatisfied with the fact that office workers persist, presumably, decided to “mine” everything. Including kindergartens in Birobidzhan - although imitators may have joined the case, as is sometimes the case. HZ, all questions to the FSB reception. So - in one of the first letters about "mining" hamsters demanded 120 cue ball (see news on RBC, for example). This is about a million dollars, and hamsters with such packages on BTC-e were clearly.

Reasonable question: why the authors of "mining" have not been calculated and crucified so far? There are few options: a) one of “our own” or “near ours” indulges, solving some internal tasks that are not clear to us from the bastards on the part of b) hamsters that are too old and elusive (doubtful) c) hamsters are outside the Russian Federation, where Lubyanka cannot reach right away with his hand. And since the list of BTC-e clients of Russian-speaking comrades living in different countries (starting from Ukraine) should have been enough, then choose the taste. Or dig a BTC-e customer base (somewhere running on Telegram) and find out who had large amounts of bitcoins on their accounts. And there already draw a list of suspects. I think the “clerks” already know everyone, and who creates the mess, too. But then see the beginning of reason c). Or a).

When will it all end? And hell knows. Hamsters obviously got stubborn, but they cannot close them for the above reasons. At the same time, they try not to drag out the scandal in every possible way, probably by blocking media outlets. What surely angers hamsters who, through scandal and threats, want to solve the initial problem. And they, as a result, raise a degree of madness in the framework of their imagination. In general, the matter goes to the proverb “the pans are fighting, forelocks are cracking among the lads” Or simply - the boys understand each other, and we run around the buildings along the siren. Or we can’t go to the shopping center because it is closed and cordoned off.