June 19, 2024

European Central Bank wants to be one step ahead of stablecoins

The European Central Bank wants to be “one step ahead” stablecoins

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said that on the issue of stablecoins, a financial institution should take the initiative in its own hands and get ahead of the demand curve for them.

During the press conference, she emphasizedthe increased interest of central banks in Canada, the UK and several other countries in digital currencies. According to her, in addition to the stablecoin projects known to us, there are others that are currently being studied and are at various stages of implementation.

According to Christine Lagarde, in this matterone must be one step ahead and respond to pressing needs. She also said the ECB plans to have a clear plan for its digital currency task force by mid-2020.

The issue of issuing a digital euro has already been raised earlier, but so far has met resistance from the European authorities.

The opinion of the new head of the ECB is radically different from that of her predecessor Mario Draghi, who is confident that stablecoins and cryptoassets are not suitable for replacing money.