December 2, 2021

Ethereum plans to fork Berlin in June 2020

Ethereum plans to fork Berlin in June 2020

While the cryptocurrency community continues to discuss the upcoming launch of the second version of the Ethereum protocol and hard fork Istanbul, which is due to take place on December 4, the developers are already making plans for the next update called “Berlin”.

PegaSys Ethereum startup product manager Tim Beiko on his Twitter said:

“Given the fact that in July a newice age, if we want to adopt a new model and fork on the third Wednesday, then we probably should update the main network no later than the end of June. ”

Beiko also provides excerpts from developer discussions regarding the technical features of individual Ethereum Improvement Suggestions (EIP).

According to him, developers can refusethe “preapproved” EIP model currently in use for a specific update in favor of the “beneficent” EIP, which will be considered for inclusion in all future updates. In particular, it was suggested that the ProgPow mechanism, which should make Ethereum mining on the GPU more competitive against the threat of the proliferation of specialized ASIC equipment, be considered “beneficial” updates by consensus.

“Obviously, there is still a lot of work to be done to get it adopted (mostly non-technical / political)”- explains Beiko.

Earlier, it also became known that the developers intend to increase the block sizes in Ethereum 2.0 by 8 times in order to compensate for the decrease in the number of shards at the initial start of the network.




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