February 27, 2024

Ethereum developers push back Shanghai update to April

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Ethereum developers push back Shanghai update to April

Ethereum developers have postponed the Shanghai hard fork by about two weeks. The mainnet update will take place in April, and the final testing on the Goerli network will take place on March 14th.

The transfer was announced during the meetingdevelopers March 2. Everyone agreed that we need to wait at least two weeks after the hard fork on the Goerli network, which is scheduled for March 14th. This will be the final testing of the Shanghai update before rolling out to the Ethereum mainnet.

“Usually when we upgrade the main network, we giveat least two weeks after the announcement. Imagine, on March 14 we update Goerli, everything is going well, and on March 16 we carry out a hard fork of the main network. I think it’s best to move the hard fork to the first weeks of April,” said one of the leading Ethereum developers, Tim Beiko.

The exact date for the mainnet hard fork has not yet been determined. The developers plan to meet on March 16 and, taking into account the results of the Goerli update, choose the exact time to update the main network.

Let us remind you that the Shanghai update will allow you to withdraw blocked ETH for staking. Recently, a successful Shanghai hard fork was carried out on the Sepolia testnet.