December 5, 2023

Ethereum developers almost finished work on upgrade Serenity Phase Zero

Ethereum developers almost finished work on upgrade Serenity Phase Zero

Lead developer of the Ethereum Foundation Danny Ryan announced the “freeze” technical characteristicsupgrade Serenity Phase Zero, code-named Beacon Chain. This means that the work on the software is almost complete.

Serenity update aims toImproving the virtual machine, hash tree and consensus protocol. The implementation of this upgrade will mark the transition to a new generation of blockchain - Ethereum 2.0, which is hundreds of times superior to the current version of the network in terms of performance and scalability.

According to Trustnodes report, onlineEthereum cryptocurrency user activity is high. The average number of transactions per day increased from 380 thousand at the end of 2018 to 1 million. A record figure (1.3 million) was recorded in January 2018. Moreover, the block adding time decreased to 13.3 seconds, while the blockchain hashrate continues to grow steadily and now stands at 172,460 GH / s.

Despite this, ETH coins are becoming cheaper relative toto Bitcoin. On the Binance exchange, 1 ETH costs 0.028 BTC (16% less than at the beginning of June). Trader SalsaTekila said that the Ethereum support zone weakens after each price fluctuation. In his opinion, if a powerful bullish trend does not emerge in the BTC/ETH market in the near future, the Ethereum rate will reach a new bottom. The results of the technical analysis of the Tradingview portal indicate that ETH coins need to be sold. Moreover, the indicator is moving in the direction of “Active Sell”, so we advise you to carefully monitor the dynamics of changes in the value of Ethereum.