March 29, 2023

Ethereum developer Afri Shoedon diagnosed with coronavirus

Former Ethereum hard fork coordinator and Parity Technologies release manager Afri Shoedon said his test for coronavirus gave a positive result. According to Shoedon, he became infected during the recent Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in France.

“Given the symptoms and the time of their manifestation,I probably got infected during the EthCC conference or one of the side events. If you also have flu symptoms after EthCC, please check and stay home. ” - wrote Afri.

The EthCC conference was held in Paris from March 3 to 5.

Earlier this week, coronavirus was diagnosed with Torus DApp co-founder Zhen Yu Yong, who was also a member of EthCC. Before that, he attended an Ethereum community event in London.

Recall that in February 2019 Afri Shoedonscandal left the Ethereum community. Stating that the Polity project being developed by Parity actually offers the same thing as Ethereum 2.0, the German developer was subjected to a flurry of derogatory criticism on social networks, after which he temporarily stopped communicating with them.

“I am disappointed in the Ethereum community. You expelled one of the best developers for the stupidest reason. More people should have expressed their support and less acridity. ”, - said then the representative of the Ethereum Foundation, Hudson Jameson, who spoke in his support.

Afri Shoyedon has also been a moderator in the past.subreddit r / ethereum, however, recently he was in search of a new job, as indicated on the page, a link to which leads from his profile on Twitter.

ForkLog magazine sincerely hopes that Afri will be able to cope with a deadly ailment and continue to develop in the blockchain space.