March 23, 2023

Ethereum Classic network successfully implemented Agharta hard fork

Ethereum Classic network successfully implemented Agharta hard fork

This morning, at block 9573000, Ethereum Classic developers successfully implemented the Agharta hard fork.

Update Designed to Enhance Ethereum Classic Compatibilitywith the Ethereum blockchain. Hard Forks Constantinople and St. Petersburg, deployed on the Ethereum network last February, will be included in the Ethereum Classic Upgrade Proposal (ECIP) 1056.

Recall that the Ethereum Classic network has formedin 2016 during the fork of the Ethereum blockchain. Three years after the split, Ethereum Classic made efforts to re-establish the relationship between the projects, and Atlantis and Agharta are necessary measures in this direction.

Despite the fact that projects have different goals andvisions, they face similar difficulties. So, according to ETC Core CEO Bob Summerville, Ethereum Classic is consolidating select clients, servers that handle network requests, similar to Ethereum.

Parity Technologies AnnouncedThe intention to refuse to support the code individually, will serve 75% of the Ethereum Classic network, since the Geth Classic client has become outdated as the Agharta hard fork is implemented.

At the time of writing, Ethereum ClassicIt has 252 Parity Ethereum customers, 167 Geth Classic, 80 Multi-Geth and 1 Besu for 500 customers. Ethereum Classic developers, including Summerville, expect Multi-Geth and Besu customers to fill this gap.

According to Afri Shoedon, Parity Release ManagerTechnologies and hard fork coordinator Ethereum Classic, customer centralization is only a minor issue given the state of Geth Classic and the alternatives available.