March 4, 2024

Ethereum 2.0 blockchain test network will be launched in November 2019

Ethereum 2.0 blockchain test network will be launched in November 2019

The long-awaited launch of the Ethereum 2.0 public test network could take place in two weeks, writes Trustnodes withreferring to coordinator Danny Ryan's statement.

Ryan shared new information on Thursdaypreparing to launch an updated version of the protocol of the second largest cryptocurrency. This weekend, he expects to finish the work on preparing the specifications that are necessary to open a public testnet.

“Many people want to experiment in conditionssupport for multiple customers. I would not want to launch a more coordinated testnet until we get closer to approving the specification version 0.9. We will need two more weeks to resolve issues with the test network for one client and release updates for 0.9 ”- he declared.

Lighthouse Client Developer Adrian Manningreported that he was working on preparing a testnet focused on connectivity to the first version of Ethereum. In parallel with this, a standardization of the deposit contract is being carried out, which will allow moving ETH from the first version of the network to the second.

Given the remaining workload, the authorspublications suggest that the direct release of the Ethereum 2.0 zero block can take place in the spring or, as a last resort, in the summer, while the functioning of the current blockchain will remain for several more years.

Earlier it became known that developers will increase the size of Ethereum 2.0 blocks by 8 times in order to maintain network bandwidth in the face of an initial decrease in the number of shards.